Corporate philosophy

Ready for the future 

Corporate philosophy

From its initial start in the watch and clock industry, MEDER today manufactures indispensable precision springs for all sectors of industry. With more than 175 employees, we currently generate over 20 million euros in annual turnover. We're proud of our success. Of 60 years of accumulated expertise. Of the expertise of each and every employee. Because that's what makes us. We will continue to set standards in the future and expand on our successful development, and we have a clear vision of how we want to do that.

The MEDER vision

We are the market leader in high-precision wire springs and stamped-bent parts in the smallest size ranges. Within the KERN-LIEBERS group, we are the most economically successful flagship company. Through our fair dealings with our motivated and satisfied employees, we are able to achieve above-average performance for our customers.

The MEDER mission statement

Our actions are governed by a fair, binding and ethically correct attitude.

We offer our employees an excellent working environment that encourages professional and personal development. Satisfaction, motivation and the health of our employees are core values for us.  

With their innovative strength, commitment, curiosity, passion and diligence, our employees accomplish above average performance for our customers.

We are a reliable development and technology partner for our customers and suppliers. The highest levels of quality in our products and in our dealings provide the foundation for long-term collaboration.

Our unique, informal, family-style working environment is based on appreciation, cohesion and trust. For us, this also involves laughing together, having fun and celebrating together. 

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