Special packaging

Flexible packaging for optimum protection of spring elements

Special packaging

To ensure that your springs, stamped-bent parts and wire parts are ideally protected against damage and contamination during shipping and while in storage, we offer you individual packaging solutions. The choice is yours: from tube packaging through bags, boxes and tubes to thermoformed inserts, as well as small packages for bulk goods – everything is possible. 

The packaging is designed primarily to protect the goods themselves against damage and contamination. You also have the option of fully automated processing, for which we offer a wide range of packaging options:

  • Tube packaging
  • Tape and reel
  • Air bag packaging
  • Packaging in thermoformed inserts
  • Packaging in bags or boxes
  • Packaging in tubes or on rods
  • Adhesion to foil
  • Packaging in VCI or ESD bags
  • Packaging provided by the customer
  • Bulk goods in small packages

Industry applications


Electrical engineering

Precision engineering

Building services engineering

Consumer goods

Mechanical engineering and equipment manufacturing

Medical technology

Textile industry