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MEDER tops sales record

KURT MEDER GmbH again on the up and up


Schwenningen. Another very good year for KURT MEDER GmbH: the traditional Schwenningen company was again able to beat the sales record of the previous year. During the summer party to mark the end of the fiscal year, MEDER Managing Director Magnus Mauch announced sales of around 23 million euros for the year.

With an exact figure of 22.92 million euros for fiscal year 2015/16, the spring specialist achieved a 7.5 percent increase on the previous record year 2014/15. This was a cause for tremendous gratification among the staff gathered in the marquee at the summer party on the company's premises.

In his opening speech, Managing Director Magnus Mauch first outlined the figures for the parent company Kern-Liebers in Schramberg, which posted turnover of over 650 million euros and employs more than 6,900 people around the world. In his own words: "We can truly claim our place in the Champions League," said Mauch with pride, setting out the figures for Schwenningen company KURT MEDER GmbH. Mauch then added that this new sales record of 22.92 million euros is ultimately the achievement of the entire MEDER workforce, and is also reflected in the encouraging number of new hires. The spring manufacturer took on a total of 22 new employees last year, with seven coming from agencies and another four offered full-time positions after completing their training, bringing the number of people employed by MEDER today to 182.

But the new record wasn't the only thing going on at MEDER this year: in addition to 300 training days – 100 days more than in the previous year – 30 employees celebrated an anniversary last year, including Michael Maier and Marc Schnekenburger, who could look back with satisfaction on exactly 15 years with the company on the day of the summer party. There were also more than five million euros of investment in the past fiscal year. "These figures underscore the direction that we at MEDER, together with our employees, want to take," said Magnus Mauch. One of the investments made in the last year for example was the new bicycle shelter, offering protection against the elements for up to 25 bikes. "But that's not all," promised the MEDER Managing Director. "As part of this new acquisition, we will also be offering our employees the opportunity to take part in organized bicycle and mountain bike courses".

But it's not only the numbers that count at MEDER. A lot of work is also being done on the working environment, a fact clearly shown by the courses announced or the jogging group. The MEDER Cup was held for the first time this year, with the various departments at the traditional Schwenningen company competing against each other in the Human Soccer competition, a test of strength with a particular emphasis on employees having fun. But there was still a medal for all participants at the end, and management also stumped up trophies and cash prizes for a barbecue for the top three departments. The biggest celebrations were in shipping, with the department taking first place under the banner "L‘expeditión".

A meal together at tables decorated in honor of the European Football Championship and set up by the commercial trainees made for a setting appropriate to the occasion, with musical accompaniment by "4JLC", the school band from Fürstenberg-Gymnasium Donaueschingen, under the direction of conductor Mr Sermersheim.

First time the MEDER-Cup took place.