Stamped-bent parts

High precision and perfect in form.

Fast stamping sector

Fast stamping sector – High-precision and process reliability for high volume production. 

Clips, for example for fixing plastic covers onto cast aluminum housings. With the following properties:

  • With defined spring forces
  • Partly made from extremely hard raw material, e.g. 1.4310 with strengths up to 2,000 N/mm²
  • Made from hardenable material such as carbon steel with complex surface protection
  • Downstream operations such as washing, heat treatment (with inert gas) or automatic 100% in-house inspection

Take advantage of our in-depth expertise in the area of spring forces and fatigue strength to jointly develop the ideal clip for your application. 

Electrical contact elements :

  • Wound on strip or as bulk goods in individual cases
  • Made from non-ferrous metals or stainless steels, partly from pre-coated material (but without silver/gold coating)
  • Downstream operations such as filter cleaning, heat treatment or surface (external)
  • Quality assured by camera monitoring
  • Packed in tape and reel and reel to reel on request.

Yokes and armature for solenoid valves:

  • Made from cold strip or magnetic soft iron
  • Downstream operations:
    • Annealing to reach coercivity
    • Vibratory finishing
    • Electroplating (external)

Yokes and amatures - function parts for valves.

Axial bearing washers – to eliminate axial play in armature shafts

  • Made from extremely hard raw material, e.g. 1.4310 with strengths up to 2,000 N/mm²
  • Downstream operations:
    • Vibratory finishing for burr-free finish
    • Coated with overlay coatings
    • 100% sorting by coating

C-Clip, used in eletrical ,motors as adjustment of axial clearance.

Industry applications


Electrical engineering

Building services engineering

Consumer goods

Precision engineering

Medical technology