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The end of an era: Regine Meder goes into retirement

Managing Director leaves KURT MEDER GmbH after 40 years of service


Regine Meder has worked at the Schwenningen-based company for 40 years, with many spent at the helm as Managing Director of the spring specialist. At this year's Christmas party, the daughter of company founder Kurt Meder was bid farewell with a great lineup of celebrations, much emotion and thunderous applause from her colleagues.

Schwenningen. No one disputes that Regine Meder has created a great deal of value in her time with the spring manufacturer. The level of recognition for her services to the company is reflected in particular in one of the many goodbye gifts she received: the forecourt of KURT MEDER's company premises now bears the name of the long-standing managing director. 

The big farewell party was celebrated at the Christmas party organized by the spring manufacturer's trainees. Most MEDER staff wanted to say a personal goodbye to the managing director, and there was standing room only at restaurant Pflug in Rottweil. The evening, which was very much centered on the departure of Regine Meder, was of course also an opportunity not missed by the management of the Kern-Liebers group to come by in person to thank her for her services.

In his opening speech, MEDER Managing Director Magnus Mauch spoke about the fantastic development of the company. Over the past few years, MEDER has seen continuing growth in sales, orders and human resources. "We owe that, of course, to our loyal employees, and I would like to thank you sincerely for that, "said Mauch.

His thanks were not only for the workforce as a whole, but also for the woman of the evening herself: Regine Meder. In his speech, Magnus Mauch looked back on his 15 years together with her at the helm of the company.

Regine Meder joined MEDER at the young age of 25, after completing her studies in business administration, economics and teaching, where she immediately set about successfully introducing new technologies such as IT, operating accounts and costing. But that wasn't all: her work also included order processing with customer support and annual price negotiations. In 2000, Regine Meder went on to become Managing Director. Her father was 77 years old at the time. In 2002, through her good friendship with Dr. Steim from her time with VDFI, the association of the German spring industry, Regine Meder orchestrated the merger with today's parent company Kern-Liebers.

"Dear Regine, there are many things I could recount, but pictures speak much more than words," said Managing Director Mauch before continuing with a presentation that surprised many with some rarely seen pictures.

He was followed by Chairman of the Administrative Board of the Kern-Liebers group and managing partner Hans-Jochem Steim, who explained the important position occupied today by KURT MEDER within the group, and noted that Regine Meder was instrumental in this development. The ongoing success story of MEDER and Kern-Liebers was thanks to the efforts of the Managing Director and is the best example of the integration of a SME into the international group.

The high point of the farewell was saved by the staff and Managing Director Mauch for the end of the evening. Everyone was thrilled to see just how well their specially produced farewell film was received by the departing Managing Director. In the film, each of the departments bade their farewell to their "Mrs. Meder" in their own very personal way. As it came to a close, Regine Meder was seen off with thunderous applause and high emotion. But Magnus Mauch and the staff had yet another highlight up their sleeve, together unveiling a large sign with the inscription "Regine-Meder-Platz", which will in future grace the forecourt of the company premises. As a memento, there was also a group picture of all employees at the new Regine-Meder-Platz. Visibly touched and impressed, Regine Meder then took her leave of all her employees: "My life will now be filled with new things, I still have much to do. Thank you very much for 40 great years. "

In addition to the farewell, the evening also saw MEDER's trainees organize the raffle with their usual aplomb and, as in all previous years, the proceeds were doubled by Mrs. Meder. This year's total was a hefty 1,600 euros, which will be donated in full to the aftercare clinic in Tannheim.

MEDER Managing Director Magnus Mauch (left) and wire business unit manager Stefan Tschugmell (right) bid farewell to Regine Meder, Managing Director for many years