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Meder the spring-maker: good grades from staff

Chamber of Commerce and Industry awards Kurt Meder GmbH the "Attractive Employer" seal



The award will help in the development of a good employee base.

It is not easy to win the "Attractive Employer" certificate awarded by the Schwarzwald-Baar-Heuberg Chamber of Commerce and Industry. "We have now conducted 36 audits since 2014. Only 21 companies have received the seal" revealed auditor Hugo Frey. At the heart of the CCI program to support management in promoting employees' interests within companies is the grading of employers by their employees. "The only way to tackle improvements is through a reliable survey of the state of affairs," explained Frey.

Grading is the key

What are employees asked to give their opinion on in the anonymous survey? The general management and corporate culture is of central importance. Other issues covered include training, workplace health management, family friendliness and remuneration, as well as other incentives designed to hold on to key personnel. "Would you recommend Meder as an employer to friends and relatives?" was one of the questions. It is aimed at the presentation of the company in the labor market, which is characterized by demographic change and the struggle to find skilled workers.

"The in-depth questions are a major hurdle to achieving certification," said Martina Furtwängler of the CCI during the presentation of the bronze attractive employer seal to Kurt Meder GmbH. In the repeat audit, the Schwenningen spring specialist improved its rating from 68.3 percent during certification a good two years ago to 70.4 percent today. From 75 percent, the seal turns silver.

"That's where we want to go," said Managing Director Magnus Mauch, setting out the goal for further profiling as an attractive employer. To date, only seven companies from the CCI region have managed it. "This is something that Meder can also attain," in auditor Frey's opinion. The report prepared by Frey after talks within the company contains valuable tips on how it can further improve in terms of the involvement of staff in the successful development of the company.

A five percentage point improvement in the rating in the qualification category is attributed by Manager Director Mauch to the inclusion of training in the annual employee appraisal. For company presentation, Meder is up no less than eight points. "We're finding it much easier to attract qualified people," said the boss. And they need to.

Business is booming

"Since July 2016, we have taken on 15 new employees," explained Katharina Gärtner from the HR department. The company, which is part of the Kern-Liebers group and manufactures ten million springs per day with 190 employees, is booming. Annual turnover has increased to around 24 million euros. Founded in 1954, the company now also offers twelve apprenticeships, for example as plant operator or toolmaker, as part of its human resources management program.

Auditor Hugo Frey (left) and Chamber of Commerce and Industry representative Martina Furtwängler (second from right) present the "Attractive Employer" seal to Human Resources Officer Katharina Gärtner and Managing Director Magnus Mauch from Schwenningen company Kurt Meder GmbH.