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MEDER on track for continued growth

Spring manufacturer again generates record turnover / investment in staff and infrastructure


Schwenningen success story continues for yet another year: for the fourth year in a row, Schwenningen precision spring manufacturer KURT MEDER GmbH generates record turnover.  Earnings are up by nine percent year-on-year, to 26.7 million euros in sales.

Schwenningen. It is not only sales records that have by now become something of a tradition – the results for the past fiscal year are also traditionally announced at the employees’ summer party. How could it be otherwise – the mood among the approximately 170 employees in attendance was tremendous, and the good business result contributed to it in no small measure.   In a packed marquee, Managing Director Magnus Mauch welcomed the bulk of MEDER’s staff to thank them for the terrific year. “I am well aware that a turnover of this size has not only its positive sides, and that we also had to overcome difficulties. For that, I would like to thank you sincerely. Your commitment and motivation are the foundation for these outstanding figures.”

In addition to the sales record, major investments and the increase in the number of employees also made for positive news. The spring manufacturer invested a total of more than 2.2 million euros, most notably in the new storage tower, which now offers space for

370 tonnes of raw material and is equipped with the latest technology. With six new hires, the workforce has now grown to 202 employees, which means that the record figure of 200 employees was exceeded for the first time in the company’s history.

MEDER has traditionally focused particular attention on the next generation, so it’s no surprise to see that in the coming September, five trainees will start their careers at KURT MEDER GmbH. As in previous years, they will include one trainee with a background as a refugee.

The traditional Schwenningen company has also set ambitious goals for the current fiscal year.  Next year, the plan is to once again achieve record turnover of 28.3 million euros. Looking back, Managing Director Mauch again stressed in particular that the friendliness and openness of employees during company tours with customers was exemplary.   Investment in the working atmosphere at the company also continues.  From now on, there will be fresh fruit once a week for all employees, and two MEDER polo shirts per head will also be donated.

Following the official formalities of the summer party, with all of their words of praise from Managing Director Mauch, the first MEDER Summer Olympics were opened, with twelve teams taking part to compete in five disciplines including High Striker and Milk the Cow. The three first place winners received a cash voucher. Afterwards, with a barbecue and music by well-known DJ Karl Schlagerfeld, the party went on into the evening hours.

Managing Director Magnus Mauch opens the MEDER summer party in the crowded marquee.

Twelve teams fight for victory at the MEDER Summer Olympics – here at the Beer Stein Holding Contest.