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Kurt Meder GmbH - "Attractive Employer"

Chamber of Commerce certifies Schwenningen spring manufacturer


Behind every successful company are motivated employees. The fact that both of these attributes are true of Kurt Meder GmbH in Schwenningen is now confirmed by a certificate from the Schwarzwald-Baar-Heuberg Chamber of Commerce (IHK).

Schwenningen. What almost 200 employees in Schwenningen have long known is now official: the Schwarzwald-Baar-Heuberg Chamber of Commerce has awarded the spring manufacturer the "Attractive Employer in Bronze" certificate. Meder this week becomes the first employer in the entire Schwarzwald-Baar district to have earned the honor of displaying this certificate.
"At Meder, employee satisfaction and motivation is paramount. For us, there was therefore never any question that we would participate in the Chamber of Commerce certification process", explains Meder CEO Magnus Mauch. As part of the Chamber of Commerce certification process, employees at Meder GmbH were interviewed extensively in July of last year. They were given the opportunity to express their views in the categories of communication, health management, corporate vision, recognition, working conditions and working environment, to name just a few examples.
Once the selection committee at the Chamber of Commerce had reviewed all results and criteria, it was clear: Meder has passed.
The good results and the certification they entailed didn't come as too big a surprise to management and Human Resources. But they were certainly very welcome, because they are after all a signal that shows that we're on the right track with the HR strategy, as a pleased Mauch puts it. There is certainly good reason to take pride and satisfaction in Meder: after all, more than a third of the companies in the current certification process cannot meet the criteria required by the Chamber of Commerce.
In a small ceremony to mark the occasion, Kurt Meder GmbH was presented with the seal by Chamber of Commerce Head of Training Martina Furtwängler and Project Manager Hugo Frey. But the seal is by no means a reason to just sit back and relay, as the representatives of the Schwenningen spring manufacturer made clear right after the handover: the certificate is the beginning of a process in which the company wants to continue to further improve employees' working lives in all areas, announced CEO Magnus Mauch. In the future, Meder employees will contribute to shaping their own future in various working groups within the company. "Whether it's about our dealings with each other, the improvement of internal processes or the development of approaches to health management, our employees have a say," continues CEO Mauch. Employees, according to Mauch, are a key component of the company's success. "I am convinced that in the future, only companies that are attractive to employees will be able to easily cover their staffing requirements", adds the Meder CEO in conclusion. The Chamber of Commerce seal as an acknowledgment of good work: With satisfied and motivated employees, there is nothing in the way for Kurt Meder GmbH to continue its success story in Schwenningen in the future.