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KURT MEDER GMBH - "Attractive Employer"

MEDER receives seal


Given the present shortage of specialist and managerial staff, it is becoming more and more important for companies to present themselves as an attractive employer to their own employees and potential recruits on the labor market.

In response, the "Attractive Employer" seal, launched by the Chamber of Commerce, has now been awarded to certified companies. The certificate itself was presented in December.

Thirteen companies were audited, including Kurt Meder GmbH, in the categories of management and corporate culture, development of skills and qualification, occupational health management and promotion, family-friendliness and work-life balance, remuneration and recognition, and branding of the company.

Five of the thirteen participating companies failed to obtain the certification, "which shows," says Kurt Meder Managing Director Magnus Mauch, "that the seal really is a seal of quality, and not just something that's up for sale."

To obtain the bronze certificate, the eight certified companies had to pass muster in six assessment fields.

"Our employees are the decisive factor for our company. Because our competitors are also free to buy machines," says Magnus Mauch.

It is now clear that the award has been a positive development, because since then, the demand for training places and jobs at Meder has increased significantly.

The other certified companies are also very satisfied, with the seal providing them with new incentives to improve.

Motivation among employees of companies that are performing well as an "Attractive Employer2 is higher than average, and according to one study, these companies generate results that are an average of 30 percent better than comparable companies.