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At KURT MEDER GmbH, loyal employees are our key to success

19 company anniversaries honored at Schwenningen-based spring specialist


Since 1954, KURT MEDER GmbH has relied on highly qualified, loyal and motivated employees. The success of this commitment over many years is again shown by the many anniversaries being celebrated at the company this year. 19 employees have now been honored for their many years of service to the company.

Schwenningen. The 19 employees were welcomed by MEDER Managing Director Magnus Mauch and Human Resources Officer Katharina Gärtner to a small anniversary celebration in a festive setting. "On average, the 19 employees celebrating this year have been working for the company for around 20 years. Together, this gives them 375 years of concentrated expertise in all aspects of the manufacture, machining and testing of precision springs in the smallest size ranges. This is something that you and I can be very proud of, and rightly so," emphasized Mauch as he welcomed them. Employees and the knowledge they possess are the most important asset in terms of a company standing its ground, even in uncertain times, said the Managing Director in conclusion. 

In addition to a certificate, all of those celebrating their MEDER anniversary received presents.

Stephan Michalczyk has been with the company for ten years. Martin Rößner, Helene Kort, Beate Meininger, Jurij Kolokov, Dagmar Silva and Dorota Kolla celebrated 15 years as part of the MEDER family. Jürgen Bertsche, Thang-Dinh Nguyen, Sofa Hafner, Peter Kolla, Dimitrij Dercho, Anton Kolla, Rene Siefert and Thomas Müller were honored for their 20 years of service to the company. Holger Hensel and Patrick Meininger have been with the Schwenningen-based spring manufacturer for no less than 25 years. Aleksandros Madenciler was honored for 30 years with MEDER. Walter Notheis was celebrated for his 35th year as a MEDER employee. 

Celebrating their company anniversaries together: Managing Director Magnus Mauch (center) honored the anniversary guests at KURT MEDER GmbH. Photo: KURT MEDER GmbH.