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"An important and reliable partner"

MEDER awarded Supplier of the Year 2015


Schwenningen. Delivery performance that impresses – and now also recognized with an award. KURT MEDER GmbH has recently been awarded the title of "Supplier of the Year 2015" by E-T-A Elektrotechnische Apparate GmbH, a company based in the town of Altdorf, near Nuremberg in south-eastern Germany.

Top quality from Schwenningen: in 2015, KURT MEDER GmbH supplied 20 million springs to E-T-A alone – and not one of the precision springs supplied to the world leader in the device safety switch segment gave cause for complaint. Reason enough to award the supplier "Oscar" to the traditional Schwenningen company. This title of distinction for suppliers was awarded for the tenth time this year and has now firmly established itself in the market.

KURT MEDER GmbH has been in the top ranks of the best suppliers every year since the introduction of the award. "Being an excellent and reliable supplier is not only our goal, it is also a key factor in our success. But it's a long time now since it was only aspects such as quality, punctual delivery and adherence to quantity stipulations that counted. As requirements have increased steadily, issues such as the environment, sustainability and compliance have also become extremely important," says MEDER Managing Director Magnus Mauch, describing the success factors.

And it's not without reason that the title for the past year goes to Schwenningen: KURT MEDER GmbH has been supplying E-T-A since as far back as 1987, and the traditional Schwenningen company has so far met every order from the global market leader to their full satisfaction. Because MEDER can supply just about any type of spring – from small quantities to high-volume production.

"E-T-A as a company has a real appreciation of innovation, while at the same time attaching a great deal of importance to the quality of the products. And these are exactly the values that we at KURT MEDER GmbH live by, which makes us all the more happy to receive this award and the recognition of the work of each and every one of our employees that it implies," says MEDER Managing Director Magnus Mauch. Awarding the prize, an impressed E-T-A Director Dr. Clifford Sell emphasized the performance of the top supplier from Schwenningen: "Our markets are challenging and dynamic, and we can only hold our ground in them by combining innovation and quality. An efficient and flexible supplier like KURT MEDER GmbH is an important and reliable partner in doing just that."

Congratulations: Schwenningen-based KURT MEDER receives the E-T-A Supplier of the Year 2015 award. From left to right: Christian Kube (Corporate Management at E-T-A), Matthias Heymer (Altdorf Plant Manager at E-T-A), Richard Döllfelder (Planning Team Leader at E-T-A), Dr. Clifford Sell (Director at E-T-A), Werner Heim (Technical Support at Kurt Meder GmbH), Frau Regine Meder (Managing Partner at Kurt Meder GmbH), Michael Frank (Head of Purchasing at E-T-A), Bernd Biller (Area Sales Manager at Kurt Meder GmbH), Michael Wellein (Purchasing at E-T-A)